The Latent Festival brings together twenty Elisava projects in the framework of an exhibition of the ADG Laus Student Awards

14 Sep 23 — 29 Oct 23
Location La Factoria Centre Cultural (Rambla d’Égara, 340, Terrassa)
Schedule 7:00 p.m.
Festival Latent

Exhibition of the ADG Laus Estudiants 2023 by Latent, the exhibition that collects all the student projects awarded by the jury of this edition of the Laus, the awards of Graphic Design and Visual Communication of greater trajectory and recognition of the country.

Along with the best projects of this edition of the awards, the exhibition includes a retrospective of the works awarded with the Laus Young Talent in recent years (including Paula López Nuño, in the case of Elisava).

The exhibition will remain open to the public from September 14 to October 29 at La Factoria Centre Cultural, in Terrassa, thanks to the collaboration of Latent, the festival of graphic design and digital art of emerging talent.

These are the projects of Elisava students that are part of the exhibition:

  • ‘Moca’t’, by Núria Perea
  • ‘Web Graphic Elisava Degree Show 2022’, by Graphic Elisava students + Esiete
  • ‘I Will Never Stop Controlling You’, by Emilia Masako Gutiérrez
  • ‘Dear Tears: crying as act of resistance’, by Helena Elizondo
  • ‘I won’t be home for dinner’, by Camila Joaqui and Andrés Ramírez
  • ‘Aly Arvense. Our Ally’, by Lia Araújo and Ann Griffin
  • ‘Eludita’, by Miguel Gracia and Andrés Ramírez
  • ‘IMO-8’, by Ana Berta Monfort, Anna Filella, Ariadna Mir and Rubén Méndez
  • ‘Alike’, by Camila Joaquín and Claudia Murillo
  • ‘RA[ ]MÁ’, by Laura Agulló, Iban Cayero, Giovanna García, Beatriz Pérez and Marina Subirats
  • ‘The Weather Report’, by Lia Araújo and Mads Vine
  • ‘Punt i Coma’, by Miquel Gracia and Laura Oliva-Rifà
  • ‘Mooore’, by Carolina Arce and Laura Oliva-Rifà
  • ‘Smoking in the 21st Century’, by Mads Ven and Sarah Micheli
  • ‘AtOS’, by Vitoria Fronza and Neta Bar-Stav
  • ‘Archaeological Museum of Digital Trash’, by Andrés Ramírez Ruiz and Camila González S.
  • ‘Notfine’, by Lia Araújo and Sara Figuretti
  • ‘SOBERANO’, by Judith Beltrán, Águeda Colón, Carolina Lérida and Rubén Méndez
  • ‘Symbiology’, by Carla Helmbrecht, Julian Pineda, Alba Carbonell, Rocio Blanchod and Alicia Guerrero
  • ‘A line to be new, again’, by Antía Durán, Adriano González, María del Sol Gómez and Claudia González
  • ‘Okán’, by Josefina Bull, María Paz Masi, Josefa Palma and Denise Szternberg
Festival Latent