The exhibition ‘Organicism of Mars’ by undergraduate and master students speculates about the possible colonisation of Mars

02 Feb 24 — 15 Mar 24

‘Organicism of Mars’ is an exhibition of projects by students of the Degree and Master in Industrial Design Engineering that explore the possibility of establishing a human colony on the planet Mars.

The exhibition pretends to stand out in which way engineering of sustainable design, scientific research, speculative design and design ethics allow us to visualise and formulate approaches for designs that promote reflecting on possible future scenarios, in particular, the relationship between humans and organic systems in other planets.

Each project presents a different hypothesis while building a consecutive temporal line on the Martian expedition, empowering the reflection about the colonization of the Red Planet. The projects, that will be exhibited from February 2 to March 15 in Elisava’s Sala Àgora, are the following:

The After Mars

Students: Ricardo Zuccarelli, Lluis Morell, Marina Aperribay, Clara Maria Quinquilla
Tutors: Jessica Fernández and Daniele Porretta

Some Humans of Mars

Students: Karina Pinto, Oriol Garzón, Sergio García
Tutors: Jessica Fernández and Daniele Porretta


Students: Lidia Hernández, Marc Gallardo, Olga Sanz
Tutor: Jessica Fernández


Students: Lucía Carazo, Lucía Parra, Mariona Giménez, Alba Herrera
Tutor: Javier Camino

Mars Walks

Students: Nil Casals, Miquel De Legórburu, Bernat Gonzàlez, Victor Mitjana
Tutor: Jessica Fernández

Un viaje a Marte

Students: Ruth Garnatcha, Pau Gallardo, Dante Chaguaceda, Jano Güell
Tutor: Javier Camino


Alvaro Ribas, Joan Mora, Alicia Manzano, Claudia Andreu
Tutor: Adrià Arnaste


Student: Martí Capdevila

Tutors: Jessica Fernández and Francesc Ribot