The alumni Guillermo Fernández participates in a new collective photography exhibition at KBr Mapfre

04 Oct 22 — 15 Jan 23
Location KBr Fundation MAPFRE Barcelona Photo Center (Av. del Litoral, 30, Barcelona)
Schedule Inauguration October 4 (7 pm)
Topic Culture

Guillermo Fernández, Elisava Alumni of the Master in Photography and Design, participates in the new exhibition of KBr Photography Center in collaboration with Mapfre. His project, entitled Los santos inocentes, is an original contemporary reinterpretation of the homonymous work by Miguel Delibes and will be on display, once again, together with the work of other young talents educated at different photography schools in Barcelona (Idep Barcelona, IEFC and Grisart).

Lights and shadows of rural Granada

Set in the city of the Alhambra, one of the cities most affected by the impact of the economic crisis that broke out in 2008, Los santos inocentes, portrays the end of an era, that of the economic glory of the real-estate bubble, which marked the beginning of another, that of the rise of Granada as kingdom of marijuana. A phenomenon that shares elements with the one described by Miguel Delibes in his classic under the same title.

With this project the author claims that he looks for the similarities between past and present, between that forgotten era and the present, between the system imposed by those caciques who used to educate their workers in the acceptance of certain rules and the current one, which self-imposes on thousands of young people the acceptance of the fact that there is no future for them.

The project unfolds the transition from night to day, in one of these rural areas close to Granada. It begins with a series of nocturnal landscapes of old olive groves, rural roads and typical farmhouses, lit by artificial light, which marks the path to follow and acts as a link between the different proposed scenarios. The plot develops until dawn, with artificial replaced by natural light, which “illuminates” the reality hiding behind the night.