Tech Day 2024: Feminist Activism in Engineering

09 Nov 23
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32), Sala Aleix Carrió (1st floor)
Schedule From 3:15 pm to 7:15 pm
TechDay 2024

Tech Day conference series returns this year entitled ‘Feminist Activism in Engineering’. The theme of the design project seeks a critical view focused on the issue of the gender perspective in design and engineering.

Considering posthumanism’s feminist currents of thought, promoted by authors such as Haraway and Braidotti, the project aims to comprehend the profound roots of inequality and to develop transversal solutions from a multidisciplinary perspective, integrating fields such as science, engineering, philosophy, design, and biology.

Industrial design engineering plays a fundamental paper in this process since it allows us to implement multidisciplinary knowledge and approaches to address gender inequality from a practical perspective. In the development and implementation phase, the use of materials coming from waste, the design of environmentally respectful services, and sustainable practices will be encouraged to promote coexistence between nature, human beings, and non-human beings.

Tech Day is part of the teaching activities program of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering. The annual event is organized by the ‘Design and Experimentation Project’ subject to offer a broad perspective about every possible factor for inspiring new design proposals that can be used by students and professionals related to a particular topic.


15:00h – Access

15:15h – Day Introduction. Dr. Jessica Fernández, Director of the Master in Industrial Design Engineering.

15:30h – María Visa. From engineering to entrepreneurship.

16:10h – Bea Sureda. Design, interaction and engineering.

16:50h – Discussion panel

17:30h – Break

17:15h – Nim Carbonell. Considerations about gender diversity in the Design process. Project: “Test-O”(Degree in Engineering Alumni)

18:00h – Laia Tort. Feminine empowerment from engineering that breaks tabus. Project: “Menstrual Matter Jewels: empowering self-identity” (Degree in Engineering and Degree in Design Alumni)

18:30h – The end