Students of the Master in Photography and Design present the exhibition ‘The forest’

20 Jun 24 — 31 Jan 25
Location Can Framis (Roc Boronat, 116, 126, Barcelona)
Schedule Opening 20 June, 6pm

The 20th of June is the opening of the photographic exhibition ‘The forest’, created by the students of the Master in Photography and Design for the Can Framis Museum of the Fundació Vila Casas.

The Forest is a place where time stands still and nature reigns supreme, where shadows dance with light and wind whistles through trees. It is a place to escape; a place where voices are free to express themselves, but also one in which they remain only whispers. A place to reflect, reimagine, and reset.

A group of young photographers from around the world, members of a generation whose adolescence and transition to adulthood have been marked by a myriad of events that have shaken the foundations of our global community, have participated in the project together with other young people from Barcelona aged between 18 and 27. After visiting the green areas of El Poblenou, they have articulated in a coherent visual whole the perceptions and aspirations that members of our generation project into the future.

Through a series of testimonies and images, The forest sheds light on an ecosystem of uncertainty, optimism and hope. It is a collective response to the current crisis we face while reflecting on conflicts such as polarisation, climate change, or the consequences of the digital age.


Artists / Curatorial team:
Francesca Bari, Li Bing, Paolo Buso, Fabio Di Pietrantonio, Shabnam Ferdowsi, Daniela León, Patrick Martin, Paula Mateu, Seok Park, Daniela Portillo, Felix Razum, Charlotte Rühl, Sukriti Singh, Bartosz Sobolewski.
Director: Pedro Vicente
Tutors: Natasha Christia, Ivan Hugo, Elena Olcina, Pedro Vicente.