Students from the Degree in Design take part in the OFFF festival

04 Apr 24 — 06 Apr 24
Location Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38, Barcelona)
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My iPhone Is My Mother

Once again, Elisava will be present at the OFFF festival, a global platform for the creative industry that sets trends in design, art and post-digital culture. Specifically, three students from the Degree in Design (Mentions in Interactive Experiences and Graphic Design) will participate in the event, which will take place in early April at the Museu del Disseny in Barcelona. They are the following:


My iPhone Is My Mother Maria Valeria Castillo

Research that explores the evolution of the concept of the human being in the digital age and the intersection between human qualities, technology and the social fabric. The project addresses the politics of our bodies, the loss of languages, interference and the complex emotions that arise from our attachment to devices.

My iPhone Is My Mother
Open Arms School Carlos Álvarez

Project to transform the old Open Arms ship into a school as part of the subject ‘Global Project 1’ (Society) of the Degree in Design, turning it into an educational space that will dock in ports all over Europe, joining forces with the NGO’s own activities.

Open Arms School
Data Mortem and the posterity of digital presence Anna Gayete

The project proposes a reflection on the future of our existence in the social-digital environment after our death. In this sense, it is divided into a theoretical contribution based on research into the status quo of dying in the digital world, and a second active part that proposes taking action to demand a change in the current configuration of the platforms.

Data Mortem