Sculpture by artist and professor Gastón Lisak, at the Hybrid Art Fair of Madrid Art Week

24 Feb 22 — 26 Feb 22
Location Hotel Petit Palace Santa Barbara (Plaza de Sta. Bárbara, 10, Madrid)
Topic Culture

Gastón Lisak, plastic artist and professor at Elisava, will be present at the Hybrid Art Fair of the Madrid Art Week with his sculpture piece Man Made – skin, belonging to the Sacred Plastics collection. Specifically, his sculpture will be part of Displaced, a program of ephemeral interventions by independent artists in different places of passage of the fair.

Man Made – skin seeks to initiate a conversation about the frenetic and unconscious consumption of plastic in a context of hypercapitalist society immersed in a planetary crisis. Taking as a base the sculpture of a Greek deity, with it we see how the single-use plastic covers the previously praised figure, consuming like a parasite the human form and giving a sensation of suffocation.

The visual impact it causes encourages us to reevaluate the duality of the material. On the one hand, its practicality and versatility has created the foundations of 21st century society and is therefore revered and adored. On the other side of the coin is the single-use plastic, represented in plastic bags, which ends up discarded, suffocating the planet and ourselves, its inhabitants. A performance designed to generate conversation through strangeness that began in Barcelona, now visits Madrid during the Hybrid Art Fair, and will continue its journey around the world arriving in Mexico in April 2023.

Man Made – skin is a sculpture made of polystyrene in a rotomolding process to which a fluorine-colored veil has been heat-applied to cover the figure, adding a layer of beauty or suffocation, depending on how you look at it. Many of the objects we see and buy serve to beautify or make our passage through the world more pleasant. But do they really do that? Do we really need them? We seem to live in an oasis of infinite abundance, which sooner or later will dry up.