Presentation of the book ‘Plug-ins: Design for City Making in Barcelona’ at the ADI Design Museum in Milan

31 Mar 23 — 31 Mar 23
Location ADI Museo del Design (Piazza Compasso d’Oro, 1, 20154 Milano MI, Italia)
Schedule 5:30pm

The book Plug-ins: Design for City Making in Barcelona, published by Elisava and Actar Publishers, will be presented on 31 March at the ADI Design Museum in Milan. The theoretical framework of this book, written by professors Albert Fuster, Roger Paez and Ezio Manzini, offers a point of view on the contribution of design in the city. Through projects by students, professors and researchers, it illustrates what differentiates design from other more traditional actors linked to construction.

The presentation will be more of a talk in the framework of City, complexity and design, where it will be possible to reflect and debate on the design of the city beyond traditional conceptions. A dialogue about design as a form of cooperation between all those who inhabit the city.

Design for City Making thinks of an environment that is the result of a collaboration between all those who inhabit it and make it a reality. From a business point of view, we debate and reflect on the model of the city, the shortcomings that still need to be designed or which parts are worth leaving to chance.


Luciano Galimberti


Francesco Zurlo

Round table:

Antonella Bruzzese
Laura Galluzzo
Anna Meroni
Annibale D’Elia
Giordana Ferri
Bertram Niessen


Albert Fuster
Roger Paez
Ezio Manzini