Presentation of the book ‘Plug-ins: Design for City Making in Barcelona’ at CCCB

10 Feb 23 — 10 Feb 23
Location Viewpoint CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (Montalegre, 5)
Schedule 19:00 h
Organized by Elisava Research

The book Plug-ins: Design for City Making in Barcelona, published by Elisava and Actar Publishers, will be presented at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) on February 10th.

A publication that explores the agency of design in the city through a theoretical framework developed by Elisava professors Ezio Manzini, Albert Fuster and Roger Paez, and illustrated by 80 projects carried out by students, professors and researchers from the Elisava ecosystem.


The book will be presented in the framework of the round table The designed city, the designable city, the non-designable city, which will reflect, discuss and debate on the design of cities from the social, collaborative and attentive logics to the singularities of that which is local and concrete. Plug-ins: Design for City Making in Barcelona gathers a great diversity of projects, ideas and reflections carried out in the last four years at Elisava. It is not a conclusion, but rather a starting point that invites debate.

What should the designed city be? What is the city that has yet to be designed? From where? By whom? How to articulate real participation beyond empty protocols that often lead to nothing? And, not least, which parts of the city shouldn’t be designed but left to chance and uncertainty?

Design for City Making focuses its action on imagining an environment not imposed, but resulting from the cooperation between all those who inhabit, use, project and produce a city. It is an ambitious program, critical of certain design logics that are only conceived in terms of business profit or normative power. The main objective of this session is to discuss this way of understanding the city.



Moderator: Ramon Faura

Round table: Maria Rubert, urban planner, Andrés Antebi, anthropologist, Martí Guixé, designer, Gala Pin, activist, Eva Franch, architect

Music: Florenci Salesas