New edition of the Masters’ Interdisciplinary Workshops

21 Feb 22 — 25 Feb 22
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32), Sala Aleix Carrió (1st Floor)

Next February comes a new edition of the Masters’ Interdisciplinary Workshops, a series of transversal and interdisciplinary workshops conducted by renowned professionals from the design sector and aimed exclusively at students of Elisava’s master’s programs. These are the workshops that will take place this year:

Paperama, con Pinaffo – Pluvinage

The first workshop, Paperama, by Pinaffo – Pluvinage, will explore the different ways of using paper to make objects that tell stories. Each team will imagine and make a paper object to demonstrate a phenomenon. To add suspense, they must use an object in addition to the paper.

The French duo Pinaffo-Pluvinage works by observing, manipulating and experimenting with the technologies around us. Guided by curiosity and intuition, they analyze the physical systems and forms that operate in the background of the virtual world and explore the interactions that can take place between the mathematical logic of automata and human creative sensibility.

Monumental Souvenir, con Na Kim

In the second workshop, Monumental Souvenir by Na Kim, a monument will be created for the university campus with personal objects that students will bring that have a special meaning in relation to their time at Elisava. All groups must find a theme from the objects and create abstract images for the murals on the building. These four wall paintings will become an alternative definition, a fictional landscape, a personal montage and a monumental memento for Elisava.

Kim is a graphic designer based in Seoul and Berlin. After studying product design and graphic design in Korea, Kim participated in Werkplaats Typografie in the Netherlands. Currently, Kim runs the collective platform Table Union in Berlin. Kim adopts a methodology to collect objects and events from everyday life and reorganize them into a new order and rules and ultimately expand design knowledge.

Care Infrastructures, con Col·lectiu Punt 6

Finally, Care Infrastructures, by Roser Casanovas and Blanca Valdivia from Col·lectiu Punt 6, will work on the design of infrastructures, such as housing networks, climate shelters and the network of public toilets, from a feminist perspective. The aim of this project is to bring people’s lives to the center, to prioritize the transformation of places that support the development of domestic, care and community activities.

Col·lectiu Punt 6 is a non-profit cooperative of sociologist architects and urban planners from different backgrounds with 15 years of local, national and international experience. They work to rethink domestic, community and public spaces so that they promote social diversity without discrimination or hierarchies.