New edition of the Design Day dedicated to the mention in Space Design of the Degree in Design and Innovation

11 Apr 24
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32), Sala Aleix Carrió (1st floor)
Schedule At 1:30 pm

Elisava is organising the third session of the Design Day, a series of conferences dedicated to the specialisations of the Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the academic characteristics of the mention in Space Design and to allow students to share their concerns with expert professionals, who will share their experiences in this field of design.

In the mention in Space Design, students carry out projects ranging from the approximation of people’s space, through intervention in housing, to work in spaces for collective use. Through practical workshops, they work on materials, details and construction components, as well as the creation of models, plans or renderings, and address issues such as sustainability and comfort or the communication of projects.

Speakers Daria De Seta (PhD)

Space Design Area Coordinator of the Undergraduate Degree in Design

Stefano Colli

Teacher of the Undergraduate Degree in Design and CEO of SCAD Proyectos

Clara Vidal Riera

Co-founder of Cierto Estudio