‘Menstrual Matter Jewels’, TFG by Laia Tort, eligible for the Award of the Public of the Green Product Award

Menstrual Matter Jewels Green Product Award

Menstrual Matter Jewels, Final Degree Project by the student Laia Tort, is eligible for the Award of the Public in the Green Concepts category of the international awards Green Product Award.

Menstrual Matter Jewels proposes an innovative concept destined to question the taboo around menstruation. The project creates a jewellery collection by using menstrual blood as a material, breaking the stigma associated with the period. This way, it pretends to increase the value of menstrual blood as a resource in design and product making, in particular by a ring collection. When experimenting with biologically-based products, the project merges art and science, widening the limits of corporal materiality. The proposal’s sustainability lives in its unconventional use of taboo materials and its potential to make a significant social impact.

The Green Product Award distinguish sustainable products and services since 2013. Directed towards projects of new and already established companies, the awards, that count with the collaboration of the IKEA Foundation, have the objective of motivating visionary concepts that are not in the market yet.