‘La Gran Belleza’, photographic exhibition of the students of the Master in Photography and Design

21 Jun 23 — 15 Dec 23
Location Carrer de Roc Boronat, 116, 126, 08018 Barcelona

La Gran Belleza (The Great Beauty) is a photography exhibition created by the students of the Master’s Degree in Photography and Design for the Museu Can Framis, of the Fundació Vila Casas. This installation pays tribute to the life of the elderly in the Poblenou neighbourhood.

The students, made up of young photographers of different nationalities, had the opportunity to get close to people with whom they would not otherwise have been able to interact. During the preparation of the report, these people opened the doors of their lives to them and confided their stories, which have been captured in the series of portraits on display.

The photographs resulting from this collaboration seek to challenge persistent stereotypes about the elderly, focusing instead on the strengths and charisma of these people. Through a lighthearted prism, the photographers explore the later stages of life and seek to capture the happiness and well-being that characterise older people. The exhibition opened on 21 June and can be visited until 15 December.


Artists / curatorial team: Venkateshwer Acharya, Arwa Wael Adnan Al-Kayyali, Martina Alvarez Orska, Victoria Barmak Trachtman, Fiorella Giuliana Bloise Almeida, Andrea Alessandra Briceño Bernedo, Manuel Flores Mendez, Ekaterina Frolova, Dafni Fysentzidi, Helena Garriga Gimenez, Daniel Gralke Rita, Timur Khafizov, Katharina Leissing, Eric Sandstrom y Vicente Stevenson.

Director: Pedro Vicente
Tutors: Natasha Christia, Ivan Hugo, Pedro Vicente