Installation of the students of the Master in Creative Direction and Communication at the MIRA Digital Arts Festival

10 Nov 23 — 11 Nov 23
Location Fira de Montjuïc (Av. Reina Maria Cristina, Barcelona)
Schedule Check the festival website
MIRA Festival

A new Edition of MIRA Digital Arts Festival is around the corner, the annual date with art and digital culture in Barcelona. The festival features a programme comprised of audiovisual shows, digital art installations, screenings, conferences and workshops.

This year screenings designed by students from the Master in Creative Direction and Communication (Postgraduate in Design and Communication Strategies) are included in the festival:

Mix Media Dome

The digital universe has an influence in our culture and world view. The evolution and incorporation of new resources has caused a transformation in language and media, and the rupture of old paradigms in the world of communication. The project, organized by the students from the Postgraduate in Design and Communication Strategies, wants them to explore the process and methodology of one’s research in the communication area. By teams, they will study social media-related topics, the artificial intelligence and new communication languages, they will sort and review the information and make an audiovisual piece that, with the help of Dedociego studio, will be projected in the festival.

Moreover, the students from the Degree in Design and Innovation (Mention on Interactive Experiences Design) also take part in the monographic exposition My Kingdom for a Light by Tiler Gab, commissioned by MIRA Festival and that will take place in Montjuïc’s Castle. This exposition presents its three new proposals, “Ten Untold Stories”, “III” and “Untitled Colors”, minimal, contemplative and conceptual pieces that explore the synergy between space, light, sound and color.