Installation by Lolo & Sosaku in L’Hospitalet with creative and artistic direction by Saúl Baeza and Lorena G. Ortiz from Elisava

22 Oct 22 — 18 Dec 23
Location La Veloç (c/ Riera dels Frares, 23, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat)

The artistic duo Lolo & Sosaku proposes ‘De la tierra’, a large-format immersive installation created specifically for the former La Veloç factory in L’Hospitalet.

‘De la tierra’, a continuation of an installation presented in Shanghai in 2017, consists of 12 kinetic steel sculptures of rhomboidal shape, framed in a suggestive intervention in space based on water and smoke. The reflection of the works and their surroundings in the water accumulated on the floor transports the viewer to a new space-time dimension.

“The dialogue between the sculptural objects and their environment and with the viewer is the nexus that unites Lolo & Sosaku’s works. Machine-objects that seek friction and tension,” explains Maike Moncayo, co-curator of the exhibition. In this way, ‘From the Earth’ reconfigures the relationships between humans, objects and nature, and points to a reality frame in which machines are no longer at the service of men, but coexist in full autonomy.

The installation will be activated through several free actions and activities: the artist Laia Estruch will star in the performance ‘A dolls’ (November 19); the artist Roc Jiménez de Cisneros will perform the collective action ‘Molts plecs’ (November 26), and, as closing of the exhibition, Lolo & Sosaku will offer a concert and present the exhibition catalogue (December 17, 16:30h), with the artistic direction of Lorena G. Ortiz and under the creative direction of Saúl Baeza (MAYBE), both from Elisava. All the activities are free of charge.