Exhibition of stools designed and autoproduced by students of the Master in Furniture Design

29 Feb 24
Location Nave Seis (C/ de Pamplona, 92, Barcelona)
Schedule From 5pm to 10pm

The students of the Master’s Degree in Furniture Design present their final projects in the exhibition ‘Piernas que Cuelgan’ (Dangling Legs), a collection that features 14 stools designed and self-produced by them.

What happens when legs no longer rest on the floor, but are suspended in the air? It happens that they dangle, because you are sitting on a high stool. Not having your feet on the floor means moving your legs freely in the air from side to side, back and forth, allowing yourself a moment out of reality and welcoming all kinds of occurrences. A moment to let the mind wander and be surprised by its final destination.

Piernas que Cuelgan is an allusion to that moment of fun. The exhibition is a look at the playfulness of 21 designers in which they designed and made high stools. These are creations that play with the transitions of forms and their encounters. Conventional concepts of comfort are pushed to achieve more fun, more unexpected and, perhaps, more comfortable postures. The result is 14 stools and 28 dangling legs, playing with shapes and postures to surprise and amuse.

Stool Facade

Emilio Javier Argenzio Barquet and Berta Serracanta Barfull

Stool O

Maria Isabel Baquero Ferruzo and María Fernanda Tuta Barahona

Stool Artefacto – 01

Eduardo Blanco Casares

Stool Kerf

Andrés Canchán Zúñiga

Stool Agbar

Ona Creel Farell and Marta Reynes Caputo

Stool Nido

Bárbara Esturao

Stool Arko

Mar Guinart González

Stool Tente

Anna Labernia Mauri and Maria Torres Curros

Stool III

Andrea Lopez i Ribera and Juan José Sanclemente Corté

Stool Britney

Jacopo Mammina and Vladislava Nazina

Stool Libra

Juan Camilo Marquez Carrillo and Ana Paula Sandoval Angulo

Stool Trot

Marcel Pozo i Pla

Stool Cinco

Regina Suarez Varela

Stool Levit

Jesus Vecino Jimenez