Elisava’s Summer University offers a workshop in Berlin by Patrick Thomas

29 Jul 24 — 02 Aug 24
Location Berlin
Schedule From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Summer School Berlin Elisava

The Elisava Summer University offers a workshop in Berlin led by graphic designer Patrick Thomas. A workshop designed so that those with knowledge and some experience in the discipline of graphic design can broaden their skills while delving into new perspectives and the aesthetics of the urban environment of the German capital, also using them as a source of inspiration. The course lasts 20 hours per week.

Elisava x Berlin – Patrick Thomas

The workshop will investigate and document the idea of “beauty in every day”. Participants will be expected to explore the “infra-ordinary”: mundane, everyday aspects of life that often go unnoticed and that we take for granted. It will be an incentive to take a closer, contemplative look at one’s immediate surroundings. It is a celebration of the simple yet profound beauty that may be encountered whilst commuting to work, popping out to the shops to buy a pint of milk, or simply taking a walk around the block.

With it, participants develop skills such as observation, editing, writing, and layout; and a deeper appreciation for the aesthetics of the urban environment giving them new perspectives that will potentially inform ways that they approach their work.

This workshop will count on the direction of Patrick Thomas, graphic artist, author, and educator. He has exhibited his limited-edition prints on five continents, and many of them are now a part of private and public collections. He has held many workshops and conferences worldwide, mostly in the UK, Spain, and Germany.