Day on the transformation of teaching and its impact on improving student learning

22 Jun 23 — 22 Jun 23
Location Aula Magna. Campus Torre de los Frailes. UVIC
Schedule 9.30 – 13.3 p.m.
Topic Social

The First Conference on university teaching at UVic-UCC will consist of two parts: the first will feature the presentation of teaching experiences and unique projects by the PDI of the different campuses of the UVic-UCC and the second will consist of a plenary lecture “ODS and university teaching: where are we and where do we want to go?”, by Dr. Isabel Carrillo-Flores, from FETEP.

Target audience: PDI of all UVIC-UCC campuses.
Type of activity: Day
Modality: Face-to-face
Duration: 4.0 hours


  • To promote interaction and exchange in the field of teaching innovation among the teaching and research staff of UVic-UCC.
  • Facilitate the exchange of good teaching practices and unique projects among the teaching staff of UVic-UCC.
  • To provide elements for reflection and debate among the teaching staff attending the conference.
  • To advance the work of the SDGs within the framework of university teaching.


  • Good teaching practices and unique projects in the different faculties of the UVic-UCC.
  • SDGs and university teaching: where are we and where do we want to go?

This activity works explicitly one or more Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Quality education


Teaching staff

Greeting and welcome by Àngels Pinyana y Garriga, Vice-Rector for Academic Planning and Antoni Portell i Llorca, Director of CIFE.


Presentation of good teaching practices and unique projects

Presented by the Heads of Teaching Innovation of the Faculties: Àngels Leiva-Presa (FCTE), Elisenda Tarrats-Pons (FEC), Verònica Jiménez- Perales (FETEP), Laia Bosch-Presseguer (FCSB), Joan Carles Trullàs-Vila (FMedicina), Juan Jesús Arrausi-Valdezate (UElisava), M. Isabel Pardillo-Muñoz (UManresa).

Speakers: Lucrecia Keim, Mireia Casas, Àngels Leiva and Sarah Khan (FCTE), Carme Viladecans (FEC), Anna M. Puig Ribera (FETEP), Montserrat Faro-Basco (FCSB), Irene Veganzones and Cristina Cruz (FMedicina), Salva Fàbregas (UElisava), Marc Bernadich Márquez and Mireia Campoy Vila (UManresa)

Plenary conference on ODS and university teaching: where are we and where do we want to go, by Dr. Isabel Carrillo-Flores (FETEP).