‘Crossing Perspectives’, conference by the architectural studio Twobo

10 Jul 23 — 10 Jul 23
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32), Aleix Carrió Room
Schedule 7:30 p.m.
Photos: José Hevia

As architects, we dedicate ourselves to observing events that have not yet occurred but have already been repeated many times. Originally, ‘dwelling’ (habitare) means ‘repetition’. In the words of the sculptor Chillida “Everything that the eye already carries inside is what we see.”

Rather than focusing on forms, we must carefully observe these repeated actions: how a body tilts when sitting, how to frame a view, walking barefoot, the entry of light throughout the day, the way a body leans against a wall, and so on.

Space is a mould for life, but the gaze must also wander, moving from one side to another, allowing itself to get lost without a specific purpose. This is a liberated gaze that transcends utility, reaching beyond the present and encompassing both the past and the future in a single moment.

The lines of a sketch move in this in-between time, where form has yet to take shape but is already filled with time. At times, one must squint to see better, even close their eyes completely and let silence and darkness engulf everything. Perhaps that is the most challenging gaze. It is in this subterranean, full and empty gaze at the same time where architecture can be most fertile.

Sobre Twobo

Twobo Twobo was founded in 2007 by María Pancorbo, Alberto and Pablo Twose in Barcelona. Among them, there is a couple and two cousins, making it a family-owned firm. Hand drawing and model-making are integral to our design process, as they require time and patience. We firmly believe that this investment of time is crucial for comprehending the spaces we engage with.

Twobo has been recognized in various competitions, including a special mention in the biennial Maresme Prize for their six apartments in Cabrera el Mar. They have also received accolades in the Ascer Ceramic Awards. Their work has been published in renowned publications such as Domus, C3, On Diseño, Plot, AV, Diario Ara, among others. Since 2010, Twobo has been actively involved as one of the main editors of Engawa, an architecture magazine focused on research and theory.

Pablo Twose

Pablo Twose completed his degree at ETSAV (Vallès School of Architecture) in 2007 and worked for a year with architect Josep Llinàs. Since then, he has been exclusively working at Twobo and serving as a co-editor of Engawa magazine.