‘Creative Coding as a School of Thought’, conference of the designer Tim Rodenbröker

08 Mar 22 — 08 Mar 22
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32) Sala Aleix Carrió (1ª planta)
Schedule 19:30 h

Designer Tim Rodenbröker will give a conference on Wednesday about Creative Coding as a School of Thought. Through this talk the designer will present a method to transform ourselves as designers and adapt to a world that is advancing at a dizzying pace. For designers, technology shapes their daily lives, so it is necessary to engage with the hidden structures that go beyond the visible and to be able to merge technology and creativity.

Tim Rodenbröker is a designer, entrepreneur and community builder. He has taught at several international universities while running his own studio. He has also worked as a creative technologist for nytimes.com, IBM, CCCB, ZKM Karlsruhe, Slate+Ash, Holo Magazine, DEMO Festival and Springer Science and Business Media.

Trcc (Tim Rodenbröker creative coding) is an international online learning platform, which he created around 2019. On the platform he has a partner community for creative coding in the field of graphic design. It has about 800 students from all over the world and has a network of experts from universities and agencies. Besides, it is funded by Patreon, a world-renowned institution in today’s creative coding education landscape.

Organized by Graphic Elisava.