Conference by design studio Vrints-Kolsteren

11 May 22 — 11 May 22
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32) Sala Aleix Carrió (1st floor)
Schedule 7:30pm
Off track

In this lecture Vrints-Kolsteren will take you into their creative process. From their sources of inspiration to the way they build visual systems. Like a game, a visual identity is build up from a set of rules. How to apply these rules will determine the end result. The trick is to navigate freely within the game, like a traveler that goes off track but has a map to feel safe.

About Vrints-Kolsteren

Vrints-Kolsteren is an Antwerp based design studio founded by Vincent Vrints and Naomi Kolsteren in 2015, working both locally and internationally. The bureau’s forte is developing visual identities with a clear and strong focus on typography. When working on an identity, they create a system, a set of rules, which can evolve over time.

Additionally, dealing with the organic opposed to rudimentary shapes and straight lines is a recurring narrative within their practice. Vrints-Kolsteren puts an emphasis on collaboration and likes to work closely with their clients. They don’t want to view the client as a client, in the strict sense of the word, rather they consider all parties to be equal.

Vrints-Kolsteren is influenced by the modernist period, with clear references to that time, its designers and artists, which can be soon in their attention for form, linework, and most importantly, the use of grids and rulesets.