Conference by British designer Jonathan Hares on book design today

17 May 23 — 17 May 23
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32) Aleix Carrió Room (1st floor)
Schedule 7:30 p.m
Topic Culture

The designer Jonathan Hares will visit Elisava where he will give the lecture “Is it better than a tree?” about the design of books in 2023. Jonathan Hares lives and works in Switzerland, where since 2018 he works together with Cornel Windlin and Jürg Lehni in the type foundry Lineto. This website is the first Swiss digital foundry that started a trend of designer-created fonts.

In parallel, he continues to design books and exhibitions in his studio in Lausanne. He works mainly for a small circle of clients based on long-term relationships. He is currently designing books for Isamu Noguchi for the White Cube gallery and the second edition of Museum is not Enough for the CCA in Montreal.