‘Collective Playground’, lecture by Guido de Boer and Ivo Brouwer

16 May 23 — 16 May 23
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32), Aleix Carrió Room
Schedule 4 p.m.
Guido de Boer

Lecture by High on Type, a collective of five calligraphers, artists and/or designers. Writing is the basis for everything they do. Whether they are organising a festival, doing a residency, creating an exhibition or giving a lecture. In this lecture, which Ivo and Guido will be giving, they will show why it is so important to keep playing in a making process, using mainly two major recent projects.

Guido de Boer

Born 1988 is an independent visual artist with a background as designer. His work consists of images that you can read and texts that you can expe- rience visually. His work is large, monumental and handmade and therefore expressive, but also co- mes across as graphic. In addition to his artistic practice, Guido is a teacher at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Ivo Brower

Born 1992 is a type and graphic artist based in The Hague. His work compiles of experimental type and graphic pat- terns made by translating tactile methods to digital environments and the other way around. He holds a Master‘s degree in Type Design from KABK Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. In 2022, he received a fund for Talent Development by the Creative Industries Fund NL.