CineDesign3, a cycle on design and cinema organised by Elisava and the University of Toulouse 

26 Apr 22 — 03 Jun 22
Location Elisava and Toulouse

CineDesign3: Conversation Piece is a programme of events on design and film, co-organised by Elisava and the Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès, and is part of a series of events and editorial projects carried out since 2016 by the French university, joined this year by Elisava.

The project aims to approach design and film with a common transdisciplinary approach, assess how the two disciplines can complement each other and initiate conversations around their common and divergent methodologies and research tools.

This third edition of CineDesign consists of two chapters, curated by Guim Espelt and Daniele Porretta (Barcelona), and Saul Pandelakis and Irène Dunyach (Toulouse).

Capítulo 1: Close Encounters

Barcelona, from April 26 to May 6
The various activities will focus on how film represents the relationships between people and the designed environment as a way of questioning our identities, practices and contexts. Professional, research and artistic activities that bring together the disciplines of design and film will also be mentioned.

  • Tuesday 26 April, 18h. Screening of Her (2013, Spike Jonze) at the Barcelona Design Museum, with a presentation by Paloma G. Díaz [VOSE].
  • Thursday 28 April, 18h. Screening of Wall-E (2008, Andrew Stanton) at the Barcelona Design Museum, with presentation by Maria Antònia Martí Escayol [Dubbed into Catalan].
  • Tuesday 3 May, 18h. ADI Making of… Design and Cinema, at Elisava. With a presentation by Guim Espelt and presentations by 3 professionals from the world of cinema in relation to design.
  • Thursday 5 May, 18h. Film screening at the Institut Français de Barcelona, with presentations by Saul Pandelakis and Irène Dunyach.
  • Friday 6 May, 15.00-21.00h. Study day with lectures at Elisava:
    15:00 – Welcome (Guim Espelt & Daniele Porretta) and presentation of CinéDesign (Saul Pandelakis & Irène Dunyach).
    15:30 – Andrés Hispano. Villains and dreamers
    16:15 – Laura Benítez. “On the limits of language and the importance of objects”.
    17:00 BREAK
    17:30 – Lluís Sallés. The cinematographic preamble: Emotion, mythomania and graphism.
    18:15 – Oblicuas. Broken function: Objectual microalterations in the world of cinema
    19:00 – Albert Fuster. Mad Men: Mythological Construction and Constructed Environment
  • From 2 to 6 May. Exhibition in the Ágora room at Elisava
    Screening of To the design room! A cinematic design collage (2022, Guim Espelt).
    Exhibition and projection of works by Elisava students related to the theme.
Chapter 2: Family Matters (Toulouse)

Toulouse, 2 and 3 June
The second strand will take place in Toulouse. It will rethink the concept of ‘family’ through common family fictions and their imaginaries, focusing on the connections that create the family entity and the material means that shape it.

  • 2 June:
    Study day with lectures at the University of Toulouse.
    Screening of a selection of short films at the American Cosmograph.
  • 3rd June
    Study day with lectures at the University of Toulouse
    Screening of Many children, a monkey and a castle (2017, Gustavo Salmerón) at the Cervantes Institute in Toulouse, with a presentation by Daniele Porretta and Guim Espelt.

Organised by:
Elisava, Faculty of Design and Engineering of Barcelona (UVic-UCC).
Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès

In collaboration with:
Institut Français de Barcelona
Barcelona Design Museum
ADI-FAD, Industrial Design Association of the FAD

Acknowledgements: Estrella Damm