Can Framis hosts ‘Poblenou en Pantalla’, an installation by the students of the Master’s Degree in Photography

27 Sep 22 — 31 Mar 22
Location Can Framis Museum (Carrer de Roc Boronat, 116, 126, Barcelona)

Poblenou en Pantalla is a photographic installation conceived in a physical and online format and produced by the students of the Elisava Master’s Degree in Photography and Design 2021-2022 for the Can Framis Museum, in collaboration with the Fundació Vila Casas.

Approached as a visual anthropology project that carries the collective signature of the students of the Elisava Master’s Degree in Photography, Poblenou en Pantalla offers a plural vision of the characters and human encounters that take place under the skyscrapers and old factories of 22@, Barcelona’s technological, creative and scientific district par excellence.

As imaging professionals who systematically use technology, the authors of this exhibition acknowledge the crucial impact of screen devices on the experience of the world, communication and information exchange, as well as their potential to boost the sense of individual and collective urban identity within the two square kilometers of 22@.

The authors of the installation would like to express their gratitude to all the people who allowed them to photograph them: “We do not fail to keep in mind all those individuals who are essential to the well-being of the local community and who do not figure in this project”.


Students of the Master’s Degree in Photography and Design:
David Carrasco, Ana Luísa Chitolina, Sigríđur Fransiska Friđriksdóttir, Miguel Hernández Toste, Fredderick Karabela, Carlota Kristensen Illán, Magdalena Lennon, Meghan Mathews, Marianna Pineda, Emma Rahmani

Director: Pedro Vicente
Tutors: Natasha Christia, Ivan Hugo, Pedro Vicente
Curatorial team: Miguel Hernández Toste, Fredderick Karabela, Magdalena Lennon, Meghan Mathews, Emma Rahmani, and Sigríđur Fransiska Friđriksdóttir

Organised by:
Fundació Vila Casas
Web del Màster en Fotografia i Disseny

With the collaboration of:
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The Folio Club
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
Wassabi Stereo Design

Sponsor: Sabaté