AI Hack-A-Week, workshop about artificial intelligence directed by Thinh Truong and alumni Vero Gryshchuk


During the week of the 19th and 23rd of February the AI workshop ‘AI Hack-A-Week’, directed by Thinh Truong and alumni Vero Gryshchuk, will take place. In this immersive workshop tailored for designers, the integration of artificial intelligence into the creative process will be explored. During five days, participants will experiment with the latest AI tools and will innovate by using generative AI, approaching different a different topic each day:

  • Day 1: Introduction to AI and text and image relationships in AI
  • Day 2: Introduction to prompt structure and Midjourney
  • Day 3: Applying AI into the creative process
  • Day 4: Introduction to Chat GPT and how machine language understands human languages
  • Day 5: AI ethics

Thinh Truong (Artificial), graduate in Motion Graphics (IED) and multidisciplinary designer, and Vero Gryshchuk (Intelligence), Elisava alumni graduate in Graphic Design, are a duo that delves into investigation about AI and its application on the creative industry.