Advanced Creativity: Disruption and originality


Marc Segarra

Duration // Schedule

July, 19-23 2021 (25 hours).
From 4.00 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.




Medium / Advanced


€ 520


Dates may be modified and courses may be canceled depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

Learn to think and design differently to create disruptive and original solutions in creativity and innovation.

The word "creativity" has become a hyper-concept, a somewhat diffuse and ethereal concept, and also naïve or too generic. An idea has become the mere act of writing something on a post-it or the result of an inspiration source detected on the internet. Meanwhile, in an era characterized by uncertainty, speed, the vertigo of not knowing what is going to happen and the acceleration of digitalization makes the proposed currents increasingly fleeting, making the search for creative ideas more and more necessary. But in many cases we are still disconnected from this source of human energy, then replication, copying and adaptation cause this human value to stagnate.

It is no longer enough to know or understand what creativity is; the world demands authenticity, originality, new models or even disruptive proposals in order to move forward.

Original ideas are what move the world.  They surprise us, they produce attraction, they go beyond expectations and capture our attention, they have influence and are generative because they stimulate our curiosity, they cross borders and generations and transform and illuminate other ideas. 

Some of the questions we will answer in a disruptive way are:

  • How do ideas unfold in a human brain?
  • How to generate original ideas?
  • How can we be more original?
  • How can we find disruptive solutions?
  • How do new creative minds think?
  • What is the creative evolution of the human mind?

Originality and hybridization could be defined as disruptive ways of thinking, where empowering the imagination generates new ideas and we generate value to the design of new experiences. A disruption is that which produces a sudden rupture or interruption of an existing model or information system.

Human minds evolve and each new generation brings exponential changes regarding previous generations. The new generations (Gen Z, Gen Alpha) are already hybrids, the future is hybrid, and the future is already here. Learn to think differently to create disruptive and original solutions.

The aim of the course will be to become creatively aware to create from another plane and think differently, original and disruptive. Being aware of personal power we will be able to extend the limits of personal creativity and go towards new scenarios in order to unfold our full potential.

  • The paradigm shift of creativity.
  • Understanding creativity nowadays.
  • The new creative minds.
  • Profiles of high creative performance.
  • Creative consciousness. 
  • General concepts of creativity.
  • Creativity blocks and unblocks.
  • The power of imagination. 
  • Object ideas. 
  • Archetype concepts.
  • Information systems / Information galaxies.
  • Hyperconnectivity.
  • Systems Thinking.
  • The transmutation of ideas: from chaos to order. 
  • Originality.
  • Disruptive thinking.
  • Hybrid thinking / Hybridization.
  • Techniques of generative creativity. 
  • Hybridization workshop for the creation of new experiences.
  • Creation of new products and/or services. 
  • Presentation of results. 
  • Conclusions.

Marc Segarra

Consultant and trainer in creativity and innovation. He has worked as an external consultant in Mango, as a Customer Experience in HP and creative trainer in Bombay Sapphire, among many other roles. He was Co-creation Manager in a start-ups incubator in Barcelona. He has been working in strategy and training for more than 15 years in the main schools and universities of Barcelona. He was founder of Micelulacreativa® and entrepreneur with Witerest.

Graduated in Design by Elisava (UPF), Master in Multimedia Interface Design by Elisava and Master in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) by the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona. Studies of Transpersonal Psychology at the Centro Espiral. He also collaborated in the television program "Para Todos la 2" of Televisión Española.

His passion is to join creativity and psychology, to be close to people and to empower them in their creative processes.


For people who need originality and disruption at this point of their life.

For people who see in the generation of ideas a motto that adds value.

For students who want to acquire a new way of thinking to have more vision.

For professionals (entrepreneurs, traders, journalists, communicators, researchers, marketing professionals, social sciences, architects, designers.)

For restless minds that want to nurture their intellect and satiate their desire to learn.

For those who like to imagine and enjoy the power of the human generation.

Elisava students have a special discount of 25% of the price in the following programmes: ‘Creación y Renderizado de Objetos y Espacios’ and ‘Las Herramientas del Diseñador Gráfico: Crea, Retoca y Presenta con Suite Adobe’.

The students of the summer course ‘Sustainable Materials for Design’ who decide to take the ‘Master’s Degree in Design through New Materials’ will have a discount corresponding to the amount of the summer course in the master’s price.

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