Academic Quality

The academic quality at Elisava is demanding, and excellently recognised internationally. We are the first design school in Spain, and we have been innovating for fifty years through a reference educational model that advances with the synergy of five key elements: the interaction of design and engineering, the teaching community, our classes, and a system of Internal Quality Assurance.

Interaction Design and Engineering

At Elisava, design interacts with engineering companies by providing a holistic view in which creation, innovation and technology converge. Today, with the emergence of new communication platforms, new design requirements, new technologies and new realities, the union between design and engineering becomes more necessary than ever. The confluence of communication, product, technology and design allows us to face the design process in all its complexity, from conceptualization and formalization of a project to its development.

Teaching community

Elisava’s teaching community is made up of more than 700 outstanding active professionals (many of whom were trained in our school) plus an in-house team of academics, doctors linked to the world of design, engineering, architecture or communication, and a heterogeneous group of experts of recognised prestige in the business environment.

This weaves an open, diverse and cosmopolitan network of about 800 trainers for a total of 2,000 students. Furthermore, we have recognised international figures that, through their participation in conferences, seminars, exhibitions or workshops, are involved in the activity of our school.

Here you can discover our entire teaching team.

Our classes

Elisava's classes are developed in small groups, with tutorials and continuous followings that pursue the motivation of the student body. We work theory and practice from real and current projects that teachers face in their different work contexts. We visit companies and institutions, develop projects on site, attend exhibitions, presentations, debates... taking advantage of the learning opportunities that Barcelona offers us. We teach learning, innovating, observing and researching to respond to the needs of a changing global society.

Immersion in the labour market

At Elisava we prepare our students to be able to face and meet great professional challenges. Our training is oriented to the labour market. We have a precious agenda of collaborators made up of companies, institutions, NGOs and universities at the local, state and international level.

Here is a list of the companies and institutions that collaborate with us:

Ajuntament de Barcelona
Desis Network
Fundació Arrels
Gallina Blanca
Hard Rock Café
Obra Social La Caixa
Room Mate Hotels
Route Senegal
Victoria & Albert Museum

These collaborations are part of the day-to-day school; whether through academic subjects and projects, master classes and workshops, innovation labs, curricular and extracurricular internships or end-of-degree projects.

At the same time, Elisava Research also collaborates with companies and institutions through different projects such as innovations & research labs, public and private research projects, curating projects or sponsoring activities and lectureships. In addition to this, we have a job exchange service, a timely exit door for students who finish their studies.

Internal Quality Assurance System

Elisava applied a System of Internal Quality Assurance (SGIC_ELISAVA) that facilitates the fulfilment of all the obligations arising from the Framework for Verification, Monitoring, Modification and Accreditation of its accredited Degrees (VSMA). This system links quality assessment processes to the management of the entire qualification process, and it is always under review and continuous improvement in order to adapt to the changing reality of the school. 

I Gender Equality Plan

In the university environment, despite having a high degree of sensitivity towards inequalities, there are still difficulties in the academic careers of women, which are often added to the obstacles that this group finds in the world of work in general. Elisava's organizational culture is particularly sensitive to gender issues.

The I Gender Equality Plan of Fundació Privada Elisava Escola Universitària has been discussed and drafted by the Equality Commission with the collaboration of Fundació Universitària Balmes. The Plan contemplates a five-year period of action starting in 2022 and will be implemented until 2026. Based on the analysis of the current situation, it defines seven different areas of action with a series of objectives that are specified in a variable number of actions, each of which is associated with the persons or bodies responsible, the respective measurement indicators and the corresponding timing for their implementation.