About us

We welcome you to Elisava; if you want to study engineering or design, this is your home. Of course, you're not just going to study here... you're going to discover theories and tendencies, you're going to question pre-established ideas, you're going to experience new ways and build alternatives. We will give you the best tools to achieve it; your creative energy sets the pace.

Elisava is the strength of its student body, more than 17,000 students from all over the world, those who have left their mark and those who enter today stepping hard to break schemes. It is a plural space that is nourished by a constantly changing multicultural society, where innovation is urgent and absolutely necessary.

You are our present and the future. We want to empower your abilities, lead you and connect you with the professional environment to enable your dreams so that they come true. We believe in a better world and we believe we can transform it. We're ready.

Elisava, the Design and Engineering Faculty of Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC), fourth best Catalan university and sixth in Spain, promotes education, knowledge and research, and offers Undergraduate, Master, postgraduate and specialised courses in the fields of design, engineering and communication.

At Elisava there are two degrees, the University Degree in Design and the University Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, a wide variety of Masters and Postgraduate degrees and the University Master in Design and communication, the first official Master in Design in Spain. This training is complemented by a variety of specialist courses for professionals. You will find all the information in detail in the studies section in this website.

All our programmes are valid in Europe, as they are articulated through ECTS credits and competences governed by the new European Higher Education Area (Bologna Plan).


Know Us

Elisava University School is a private non-profit foundation represented, governed and administered by a Board of Trustees. We do not have any modern manifesto nor do we obey Commandments, but we have some principles, which are these:

  • Teaching to think and create in freedom
  • Providing high-quality academic training that meets current social and labour needs
  • Bringing progress to society
  • Promoting research, development and innovation
  • Facilitating the use of new technologies
  • Understanding intergenerational and multicultural
  • Promoting the vocational integration of students
  • Opening our doors to everybody, people and collectives whose participation enriches us
  • Projecting the school internationally
  • Contributing to the personal development of our students from diversity


Maybe you're wondering why you should choose Elisava and not another school, maybe you need a list of reasons to convince yourself... well, here they are:

  • More than 50 years of experience (we have trained more than 17,000 students) and high international recognition
  • Prestigious teachers (about 800 trainers)
  • Interdisciplinarity and feedback between design and engineering
  • Research and innovation as engines
  • Multiple offers to expand your training
  • Full facilities with state of the art technology
  • Many laboratories and workshops to practice what you have learnt
  • International collaboration with companies, institutions and NGOs to get in touch with the professional world
  • A great community of students and alumni
  • Privileged location in the heart of Barcelona