A project for ISDIN by students of the Degree in Engineering, selected at Philips’ Student Service Design Challenge

The research proposal by students of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering Maria Cuevas, Bruna Suero, Estela Sánchez, Alicia Manzano, Mariona Garriga and Berta Galán has been one the 32 selected ones for the second phase of Philips’ 2024 Student Service Design Challenge.

This anniversary edition of the Student Service Design Challenge features 4 design briefs from Philips, Laerdal, ISDIN, and IKEA. These organisations, all committed to enhancing people’s health and wellbeing, share a fundamental aspect that aligns with the core principles of the challenge: a genuine ambition to design services that contribute value to people, society and the planet.

ISDIN suggested a challenge related to pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging’s recycling because the industries in this field generate a lot of packaging waste, which often goes unrecycled. They asked participants to re-think the current packaging-disposal system, in order to improve this situation.


The Elisava students’ proposal consisted of a study of the current situation in the city of Barcelona. After their research and several surveys, they have come to the conclusion that the community wants to recycle, but there is a lack of clear orientation, and large families and busy people have problems regarding time and space. This is why they propose to raise awareness among the population of Barcelona and stress the need for companies to commit to eco-design principles and make it easier for their users to dispose of their products.

After being selected from among 150 other proposals, the project has entered the second phase of the competition, where during the month of March they will re-evaluate their research proposal and question it in a new and deeper way in the light of their local context.