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Storytelling. Projecting your brand

Basic data




From May 7th to June 18th 2018 (25 h)




190 €

Aimed at

Designers, publicists, marketers, PR, communication professionals, architects, window dressers, interior designers, sales agents, engineers, computer technicians, programmers, product designers and students of these disciplines.

Teaching staff

Salvador Rubio


It may seem that tools like stories, storylines, empathy and characters exclusively belong to disciplines such as the audiovisual script, novel or comic. Nonetheless, Storytelling has become an essential tool for designers, marketing experts, publicists, architects, interior designers, engineers, computer technicians and any kind of professional that has to design, conceptualize or sell products or services that require an emotional interaction or connection by the consumer. Storytelling consists on the incorporation of narrative techniques, formats, abilities and skills to the creative processes, of development and selling of a project.

Storytelling has revolutionized design, business, presentations, keynotes, conceptualization and product creation, engineering, architecture, data and is key to any discipline that joins what’s technical and creative. Nowadays, an advertising and marketing department can’t be conceived without being capable to apply Storytelling techniques to branding, naming, etc., neither any artistic, creative, aesthetic or visual discipline that can work without this tool.

Every brand, product, personality, corporate image, design, naming, app, etc., must have a story, and learn to identify them, design them and strengthen their possibilities is essential to any professional today.


  • To teach the students different backgrounds and disciplines to effectively apply the storytelling to their fields.
  • To make a practical exercise (workshop-type) so the students can apply the acquired knowledge to the elaboration of their own personal branding using Storytelling.
  • To acquire the main tools of Storytelling in relation to the traditional narrative: theme, structure, storyline, characters, etc., and putting them into use.
  • To learn how to transform data into captivating, persuasive and convincing stories that join a narrative, visual and emotional component.
  • To strengthen the technical and creative skills of the students to satisfy the demand of the skills in Storytelling by the contemporary market.
  • To deconstruct several brand stories so we will understand how they were used in different communication channels (YV, online, press, social media, etc.) to expand marketing reach.
  • To learn how to decode Storytelling techniques used in different campaigns and brand communications, adapted to specific media.

Structure and Contents



  1. Principles and basic processes of Storytelling.
  2. Storytelling to communicate brand.
  3. Substitute for narrative Basis of Storytelling.
  4. Tools for the Storytelling.
  5. Applied Storytelling: Analysis of study cases.


Practice: during the course, students will develop their own personal branding project to create their own brand.

Teaching staff

Salva Rubio is a professional storyteller. He currently has different full-length films in production and development, he is a cinematographic project analyst and he also has experience in animation screenplay. As a novelist, he has published two books with Penguin Random House and is working on the third novel. As a graphic novel scriptwriter, he is preparing different works for the Le Lonbard Franco-Belgian publishing house and, as a teacher, he has taught in schools such as the European University of Madrid, ESNE or ELISAVA.

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