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Postgraduate in Graphic Design applied to Communication

Basic data


Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design Applied to Communication, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


12th (Spanish Edition) / 1st (English Edition)


One edition per year from September to February

ECTS Credits



Spanish and English groups. Spanish group: knowledge of English is an advantage in student selection. It is advisable to have some basic English knowledge, given that some materials or lectures might be given in this language.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 5 to 9.15 p.m.

Aimed At

Preferably students with a graduate degree in graphic design and professional practitioners with experience. Exceptionally, depending on their portfolio and accomplishments, graduates in fine arts, communication and adverstising will be accepted. Applicants must be proactive and autonomous when using design software.


Marc Panero


Year 2016-2017: English Edition: 5.350€ (plus 450€ in concept of registration fee). / Year 2017-2018: English Edition: 5.475€ (plus 475€ in concept of registration fee).


Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design Applied to Communication

As part of the problem-solving dynamics mirroring the professional world, the course is centred around 12 practical projects led by top professionals, which explore the versatility contemporary designers need to tackle the various requirements, environments, processes and languages.



Pablo Juncadella —

Tilman Solé —

Albert Folch —


The programme addresses the discipline within a problem-solving approach, very close to the professional world. The course is structured around 6 practice-based projects guided by outstanding professionals, where the accent is put in the versatility that today’s designers need to deal with different processes, languages, environments and needs.


Course leaders

Marc Panero


Information inquiry