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Master in Photography and Design

Basic data


Master's Degree in Photography and Design, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.


Pedro Vicente

ECTS Credits



September to July // English Edition: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 10am to 2.15pm / Spanish Edition: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 5pm to 9.15pm.


English and Spanish independent courses


Year 2019-2020 (English edition): 11,000 € (plus 400 € in concept of registration fee).

Admission requirements

• Undergraduate Degree or similar university qualification.
• Professional experience equivalent to an official university degree
• High level of Spanish (for the Spanish version) and high level of English (for the English version)


The MA Photography & Design course at ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona is a taught, practice-based programme, which attracts students from around the world and approaches photography as an open visual discipline in where you are encouraged to confidently produce complex and extended photographic projects as well as engage with contemporary, critical, experimental and speculative approaches to photography.

The course places an emphasis on innovation, experimentation, and intellectual and practical enquiry in where students are encouraged to actively engage with contemporary photographic art practice through publication, exhibition and participation in live projects.

The course offers a dynamic and exciting environment for studying the practice of photography enabling students to acquire advanced photographic skills and apply them to complex, self-generated projects, and engaging with different technical and theoretical practices about the image. This characterises our committed study at postgraduate level, bringing photographic education up to date with contemporary photographic practice. It also pays attention to the dissemination of photographic work, exhibition & publication and focuses on the reasons by which the meaning of an image is shaped by its use and contextualization.

Drawing on the expertise of a diverse range of professional photographers, guest lecturers and technical advisers, you will enhance your knowledge and skills through a series of photographic projects using practice-led research and supportive written work. By the end of the MA you should be able to produce challenging cutting edge contemporary work that uses photography effectively, exploring beyond the medium specific boundaries in order to produce innovative solutions to new arenas and methods of display and delivery.

Master's Degree in Photography and Design


  • Provide a flexible but structured interdisciplinary context in which students can rigorously pursue a self-directed research project whose outcomes are embodied within the systematic production of a specific and original body of work within the field of photography.
  • To encourage the development of each student’s own critical reflection as the basis for developing as independent learners capable of advancing their own skills, knowledge and professional and research practice.
  • Provide students with the means for establishing and understanding the place of their own work within the context of relevant and contemporary academic and professional situations and debates.
  • Provide students with professional photography technical skills.
  • To encourage the development of research strategies that reflect the contemporary context in theoretical discourse and creative practice and form the basis for informed speculation about future directions.
  • To engage with real audiences, generating new challenging narratives about the nature of the work itself and its relation with changed modes of production, dissemination and consumption.
  • To provide professionals specialising in the area of photography with multidisciplinary training so that they can use photography as a tool for conveying concepts and ideas.


On successful completion of the course students will have:

  • Initiated and implemented an individual self-directed research project using research methods, materials, techniques and processes appropriate to design practice.
  • Demonstrated a thorough understanding of, and critical engagement with, the relevant  practical, theoretical and professional contexts of their project and be able to situate and interpret their own work within this context.
  • Demonstrated an ability to employ analysis, synthesis and evaluation to a range of external sources and to their own practice to inspire and inform the generation, development and application of original ideas.
  • Demonstrated a reflective and evaluative approach to their own work which allows them to act independently in identifying, implementing and sustaining individual research and practice at a professional level.
  • Demonstrated an ability to communicate complex and speculative concepts, methods and proposals effectively in spoken, written and visual forms.
  • Identified the potential for their work within specific professional contexts and developed appropriate communication skills for engagement with this audience.
  • Demonstrated an ability to use photography as a tool for communicating effectively concepts and ideas.

Projects gallery


Farah Foudeh

Baikonur 97

Dimitriy Levdanski

Still (a) life

Hannah Woolf

My (m)other

Alice Cannara

In Silence

Lisa Attard

Being Disappeared

Tam Hoi Ying


Sabela Martínez Eiriz


Camilo Villegas


David Querol


Julika Wiggers

Al Pie de la Letra

Denisse García

Time Traveling

Olivia Swarz

Home, not home

Ariadna Comas


Maria Galindo


Ber Arce


Helena Ortiz

La Segarra

Josep Mª Rius

Love at Sight

Marta Pujades


Mònica Figueras

Custodiar Espacios

Denisse García


Laura Peña

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