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Master in Design through New Materials

Basic data


Master in Design through New Materials, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.


Laura Clèries

ECTS Credits



From September to July // Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 5 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.



Field Trip

One field trip to a European city is carried out during the Master. The stay involves a 5-day intensive workshop in a Materials Lab from our network. Travel and location expenses are not included in the enrollment fees


Year 2018-2019: 10.900 € (plus 500 € registration fee).

Admision requirements

Bachelor's degree + Documents (Academic and professional updated CV + Portfolio book or a list and description of 3 relevant projects + Motivation letter) // Selection: based on background, professional motivation and personal commitment criteria.


Could materials define the way our future is built? Understanding new materials in order to create new possibilities.

The study of materials is a remarkable driving force behind innovation, which opens up a range of practically endless possibilities. Both new advanced materials as well as new uses of conventional materials provide alternative solutions and new ways for socio-economic development, which will certainly have a great impact on our future.

Design through New Materials aims to provide a working knowledge and active mastery of new materials as agents in innovation and understand their current and future roles in design, sustainability and industry.

The contents and methodology of the course allow for experiencing both materials theory and material hands-on practice; to envision innovation from research to industry, from speculative to applied projects, and to adopt a scientific, creative and multidisciplinary attitude on the field.

The programme sustains practical workshops as well as up-to-date insights from relevant lecturers and visits to leading materials innovation hubs and material-related industries. Our working spaces are both ELISAVA and Materfad, our innovative materials library located at the Barcelona Design Hub, while collaborating simultaneously with multiple institutions and universities involved with related materials innovation and material-driven design in Europe, to strengthen networks and facilitate partnerships.

The applied professional orientation of the master involves developing a final master project with a focus on sustainability, innovation and near-future inspired solutions.

Master's Degree in Design through New Materials


This Masters course aims:

  • To prepare professionals for the new opportunities arising from the advancement of materials and technologies.
  • To train professionals with the ability to blend scientific research applied to the design process with product development.
  • To train professionals with abilities in the development of projects with energy and environmental concerns.
  • To train professionals to new creative ways of making.


At the end of the course, the student will:

  • be able to analyse future socio-cultural scenarios and contextualise new materials in a global context.
  • be able to select and apply materials, technologies and manufacturing processes in design and the specific nature of the development processes.
  • acquire the skills for the ideation of applications of new materials.
  • be able to evaluate sustainability aspects and environmental impact of materials for industry application.
  • be able to experiment with new materials and related technologies in order to produce new material applications, new material developments, or new material languages.
  • be able to generate families of colour and trim as well as materials languages applied to brand and market placement.
  • be able to generate a sound narrative and strategy in order to successfully position a material within the market or sector.
  • be able to recognize the potential of new business models associated to the materials and related technologies being generated.

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