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Master in Design and Communication

Basic data


University Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Design and Communication (MUDIC), official Master's Degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).


Ariel Guersenzvaig

ECTS Credits



From September to July.
From Monday to Friday.
From 5 p.m. to 9.15 p.m. (during the first trimester, there are training complements in the morning).


Spanish. Some classes, materials or lectures will be in English.


Year 2018-2019: 10.400 € (plus 500 € registration fee)

Admission requirements

Approved qualification of:
- Bachelor, Engineer, Architect
- Qualification of degree within the framework of the European Higher Education Area
- Diploma, technical engineer, technical architect (although in these cases the degree obtained in the master will not provide access to a subsequent doctoral programme).
People with a foreign university degree must obtain prior approval or demonstrate that their studies accredit a level of education equivalent to the state qualification of degree and that they are authorized to access master's studies in the country where the degree was issued.


Do you want to obtain the strategic vision necessary to coordinate creative teams? Do you want to delve into the methodological strategies and processes of design and communication?

The Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Design and Communication (MUDIC) is an advanced, specialized and multidisciplinary training aimed at professional specialization and initiation into research activities about and from design.

The MUDIC trains professionals and researchers with the necessary skills to carry out design projects in all types of contexts, providing them with a strategic vision applicable in very diverse professional fields, entitling the communicator and the designer in the conception of design strategies, as well as in its practical and concrete formalization, and, also, in the analysis and reflection on the own practice of design.

In addition, this program also allows access to a doctorate programme for those who want to work in the academic research in design.

The programme revolves around design as an essential human activity. Design as a way to prefigure and investigate possible futures through different disciplines: graphic design, interaction, spaces, as well as service design and social innovation.

Design is explored as an activity in which making is inseparable from reflection on the practice itself. The central conceptual pillars, the prefiguration and the research help to establish the contents, which cover a broad spectrum of methodology and theory, as well as applied techniques that will allow excellence in the professional field.

The MUDIC is aimed at a multidisciplinary collective. It is fundamentally aimed at academic profiles of design, advertisement, multimedia, photography and digital creation, engineering, communication, public relations, architecture, fine arts, social sciences, humanities, information sciences, anthropology and sociology. And, in a generic way, it is also aimed at science and technology professionals that want to know the design and communication aspects to transfer technologic and research projects to the market.


The Master’s Degree in Design and Communication is a specialized and multidisciplinary advanced training that aims the professional specialization and initiation in research activities about and from design. Among the main objectives of the MUDIC, there are:

  • Provide knowledge and abilities in communication strategies and/or in the project design processes.
  • Provide students with theoretical reflection and practical innovation tools to develop their creative, seduction and persuasive capacities; thus, making them competent for critical analysis and teamwork.
  • Experiment through new languages, supports and channels with the aim to delve into the applications of the current scenarios of design and communication.
  • Incorporate to the students’ academic profile items related to the investigation dimension, something typical of postgraduate studies, qualifying them to take PhD studies.
  • Provide students with reflection abilities about design, something essential to carry out a teaching task.


The MUDIC trains professionals in two fundamental areas:

- As a designer-researcher: a designer who seeks to achieve innovative and socially committed results through the application of different emerging methods of applied research for design. It is a designer who carries out a design project but whose objective is not only the final result, but the reflection about the design processes.

- As a design researcher: a professional in any field related to design, who seeks to expand his knowledge of this discipline. The study of design theory and methodology play a leading role in its training, but he also finds that it is indispensable the mastery of design management abilities, a historical view of the sector and a developed critical capacity.

Projects gallery


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