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Master in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Basic data


Master’s Degree in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering in collaboration with the Rotterdam Business School in the Netherlands


Jorge Hernán Rodríguez

Start date // Schedule

September 2018 // Seminars, Modules and theme specific events are held on fixed dates along the year. Assessments and some lectures will be available on Thursdays and Fridays



Field Trip

Three modules of the program are held in an european city. Travel expenses are not included in Tuition. More information in the programme details


Year 2018-2019: 12,000 € (plus 500 € in concept of registration fee. Travel expenses not incuded)


This course has been designed by the Design, Strategy and Management team at ELISAVA and is being executed in collaboration with Rotterdam Business School.

Design is more and more perceived as a complex management transversal activity in which user/consumers needs, market dynamics, and business strategies meet.

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