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Master in Advanced Design Management. Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Basic data


Master’s Degree in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering in collaboration with the Rotterdam Business School in the Netherlands.


Jorge Rodríguez Nieto

ECTS Credits



Year 2019-2020



Field trip

Three modules of the program are held in a European city. Travel expenses are not included in the tuition. More information in the details of the programme.


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Admission requirements

• High level of English.
• Portfolio.
• Business idea or intention to partner to develop the Master's project.
• Motivation letter.


How can we respond to the user and market needs? Can design management help adapt the current changing markets?

This course has been designed by the Design, Strategy and Management team at ELISAVA and is being executed in collaboration with Rotterdam Business School.

Design is more and more perceived as a complex management transversal activity in which users/consumers needs, market dynamics and business strategies meet. In the same way, management methodologies, known as design management, has not been able to adapt itself to the changeable and dynamic flow of current markets and entrepreneurial spirits.

The need of planning and creating new patterns, demands a rupture with rigid structures and a tackling of more organic methodologies, adaptable to changeable times and to new societies and emerging markets. This new planning must be focused on strategy and entrepreneurship with new preconceptions as a project development models for creative and business professionals and as a model for more creative companies.

This programme is based on a Learning-by-doing methodology and works with the real entrepreneurial projects that will be developed by the participants during the first month of classes. The participants can bring their own business projects or find a partnership among their classmates. The aim is to complete the masters with an investment-ready project.

The Master in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship (MaDE) has an unconventional structure that offers both the flexibility and support to today’s entrepreneur’s needs. Four modules are held in Barcelona and three more in Rotterdam (students will travel and stay in Rotterdam for at least a week three times in the year). A combination of on-site and online seminars provide permanent support to the participants work.

Master’s Degree in Advanced Design Management


This programme aims to provide participants with the necessary tools and environments to know the way around a new exchange dynamics, for the production and distribution of products and services.

It aims to generate interdisciplinary synergies, that provide participants with knowledge for developing new projects and for optimising those that already exist.

The programme will train students in the knowledge and application of design management working methodologies that are adapted to the new business, social, and geographic scenarios of today’s world. It provides participants with a wide knowledge of the strategies and the several ways of approaching creative entrepreneurship from the perspective of Strategy and Management.


  • Entrepreneurship skills and competences
  • Strategic competences for the start and development of business ideas
  • Competences of business models development
  • Development and implementation of business ideas for creative and non-creative industries
  • Project management
  • Administrative competences to run a business
  • Financial competences to make decisions and invest in business ideas
  • Business networking
  • Public speaking
  • Development of intrapreneurship skills
  • Design and prototyping of digital services and products, e-commerce and retail.

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