Innovation and Design Thinking

Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking, degree awarded by the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona.
ECTS Credits:
Spanish and English groups
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 5 to 9.15 p.m.
Start Date:
One edition per year starting in February-March
Aimed at:
Professionals and entrepreneurs in the world of design, communication, advertising, marketing and social or business science interested in developing qualitative research skills and perceiving the outlook for global trends. Fashion, industrial, product and graphic designers and managers of R&D departments. Professionals involved in areas and processes concerning innovation, creation and service or product design. Design managers. Managers of production, marketing and commercialisation departments. Civil servants involved in social matters and the development of innovation and government policies. Product managers and account managers.

Projects and awards

  • Workshop

    Workshop with the students of the Strathclyde University


    Autors: Workshop with the students of the Strathclyde University


    Autors: Workshop with the students of the Strathclyde University
  • Barcelona Design Thinking Week 2013

    Barcelona Design Thinking Week 2013

    Barcelona Design Thinking Week 2013

    Barcelona Design Thinking Week 2013

  • Design Thinking Week

    Design Thinking Week

  • Design Thinking Week

    Design Thinking Week

  • Design Thinking Week

    Design Thinking Week


  • MIDI DT Workshop at the HTW

    An amazing cooperation between MIDI (Masters degree in Research for Design and Innovation) at Elisava Barcelona and the Design Thinking Program at HTW Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin. 13 students from ELISAVA designed 3 workshops for 10 teenagers from the Evangelische Schule Mitte finding out future scenarios for different products and services with the support of Daniel Zentgraf from Algo Bueno Studio in Barcelona. We thank the cooperation of Heike Ernst, head of the Design Thinking program, Daniela Marzavan, Estuardo Calderon y Gloria Costa.
  • 1st Design Thinking Day ELISAVA

    Organised by the Postgraduate Diploma in Coolhunting, Design and Global Trends of ELISAVA 2010/2011. During the day we explored the forms, methods and systems that offer Trends Research and Design Thinking to achieve different objectives. In addition to the lectures given by teachers, it had special guests who contributed with their experience and point of view.
  • Dubai Urban Immersion Workshop

    Held at Tashkeel with the support of Design Road, Dubai Culture and ELISAVA. This workshop was a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the most important aspects of the city after the economic slowdown and discuss about the possible future scenarios and releval topics that represent opportunities and challenges for the city. A wonderful team of 10 people most of them locals, explored the city looking for signs, symbols, references and images that reveled the spirit of Dubai.


  • Itziar Pobes

    I have a design studio. The material we did provided solutions, but something was missing, something which also has to be designed. We knew the term design thinking on a trip to Copenhagen during the Design Week. It was what we were looking for. Jorge, the director, has given us many different views from people who are already working on it. At the beginning, is difficult to find your aims but at the end you have a very broad vision and the ability to find your point of view and your own working methods. I would recommend the postgraduate diploma for people who are willing to open his mind, to find alternative ways of working. The postgraduate will help me a lot for my job, but now I have to think how to make my clients consider design thinking.

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