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Food Design: Food and Design Culture / Programme in English

Basic data


Paolo Susternic

Duration // Schedule

17th to 28th July 2017 (45 hours) // From 9 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.




1.500€ (accommodation not included)


Introduction / Intermediate


Barcelona, Spain and the Mediterranean provide the ideal setting to encourage professionals from different fields - marketing, gastronomy, design, architecture, food science, the science of communication etc. - to experiment with food and understand it from a sensory and systematic dimension. The course provides a map of reality and experiences that, under the trinomial of art-architecture-design, establish a direct relationship with the world of eating, gastronomy and food.


  • Understand Food in its relationship with design culture as well as the richness and cultural identity of regions and their inhabitants.
  • As people and professionals, improve our relationship with food in terms of biodiversity and the environment.  
  • Discover the sensory and chemical properties of food.
  • Get to know and experiment with Food as a DIY material in order to understand its tangible properties.
  • Conceptualise and develop a product that is faithful to initial concepts: “Food as a sensory experience” and “Food as a system”

Structure and Contents

Module 1: Context of Food and its relationship with design (15h):

  • Food Design definition and fields
  • Food in the context of the Mediterranean – Catalunya - Barcelona
  • Design and Food Culture (history, product, art, architecture)
  • Food as emotion and a sensory property

Module 2: Food as a System and a Sensory dimension (10h):

  • Food as a System
  • Life cycle – waste as raw materials
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Materials as simple tools, sharing similarities with self-production

Module 3: Experimenting with Food Materials (15 h):

  • Food Materials
  • Results and Conclusions

Teaching Staff


Food Designer, BA Product Design (ELISAVA). After being at the studio of the designer Curro Claret, she has been in charge of the direction of Bon Aprofit, an initiative that want to raise awareness about the food impact in people and the environment, starting from a kind and funny approach of the kids and their parents to healthy food. Between 2011 and 2014 she has collaborated with the digital magazine “Ets el que menges”, for which she has created, together with Pau Sabater Viella, the blog and the guide Boníssim Europa. In 2013-14 she has collaborated with the restaurant Bionèctar (rawfood, ecological and km0 alimentation) and she is currently working in Bon Aprofit, she is in charge of the catering, events and workshops that unite design, gastronomy, health, environment, emotions and creativity.

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