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Futures Now

Laura Clèries, Ramón Faura, Jéssica Fernández, Guim Espelt.
In process of establishing an international Futures Research Lab network of public and private institutions.

This research line establishes the methodological and knowledge basis for the Futures Research Lab. Use of methodologies from Futures Research, Dystopian Thinking or Design Fiction in order to find opportunities for technological or social advances, or in order to future-proof companies and the design practice. It blends explorative qualitative and qualitative methods.

  • Design Attitudes and Design Attitudes Survey: exploring future opportunities and trends for design-related sectors. An overview of innovation directions and the quantification of futures.
  • Dystopian Thinking: new methodologies that explore futures through an extreme scenario-planning perspective.
  • Design fiction for Social Innovation: design-fiction can be the new 21st century tool, beyond science-fiction, through which question, criticize or convey the possibilities for social changes of the future.