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Decoding Creative Process

Ariel Guersenzvaig, Danae Esparza, Toni Llàcer, Beatriz Martínez-Villagrasa, Romualdo Gondomar, Cristina Taverner.
elBulli Foundation, Domestic Data Streamers.

Decoding Creative Process is one of the permanent research lines from ELISAVA Research. It is grounded in applying the scientific method in the design practice in order to obtain knowledge on the Creative Process and the Creative Skills. With a focus on the efficiency and replicability of the creative process, and understanding that what you can measure can be replicated.

The Decoding Creative System was established by capturing the creative process and creative skills from the practical level, by applying research and analysis tools (Creative Decoding Toolkit) to information gathered from design professionals.

This has resulted in several resources’ packages, such as:

  • Ontology of the Design Process: identifying the terms used in the design process, establishing the scientific ground for any creative design process.
  • Creative Skills Dictionary: the top creative skills displayed by creative professionals.
  • Creative Decoding Tool: the digital assessment tool of creative skills for students and professionals.
  • Master in Creative Process: an executive academic programme in order to empower the creative transformation of individuals and companies.
  • Decoding European Creative Skills: the internationalization of our knowledge at European level.
  • Creative Audits: a service-oriented for companies and institutions by diagnosing skills, relationships, and processes on the basis of a 360º perspective in order to improve their systemic creativity.