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Grafeno: Un material para un cambio de paradigma

Javier Peña, Salva Fábregas
Studio Albert Romagosa

Javier Peña, ELISAVA’sGeneral Director and Scientific Director of the School and Materfad, and Salva Fàbregas, ELISAVA’s responsible for the area of Expression of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, are the authors of the new book on graphene published by the center.

Under the title Graphene. A material for a paradigm shift. Too simple to project in a complex way, the publication offers a tour of what graphene represents, its appearance and its perception in our society.

Starting from a solid base of scientific and technical knowledge, at the same time as humanistic and artistic, the work addresses the universe of new horizons that graphene — “more than a material”— is opening in a future that is already present.

The book includes the articles A dream called graphene. Creator at the same time as hopeful, by Javier Peña, and Looking at graphene. A look from the intuitive side of the drawing, by Salva Fàbregas. It also includes the different interpretations on the meaning of graphene made by the drawing of 130 students from the second year of ELISAVA’s Degree in Design; as well as a review of the five sectoral creativity workshops, the Graphene Days, held to date, in which 200 professionals and students have participated.

An analysis of the paradigm shift driven by graphene that is generating a language of its own and that allows us to interpret reality in a different way. A multidisciplinary perspective in which sciencedesign, and society converge.