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Design is an increasingly complex profession where the limits between traditional speciality areas are become blurred. Designers today must be capable of covering every base in this extensive market and have expert knowledge of the diversity of services they can offer. These intensive courses take a comprehensive look at design and the new opportunities they afford.

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15 weeks in ELISAVA.




TRACK A: For students without design background

  • 3 mandatory subjects (45 hours and 6 ECTS each)
  • Plus a choice of electives (45 hours and 6 ECTS each)
  • Plus optional Spanish language lessons (45 hours and 6 ECTS)

TRACK B: For students with design background (ELISAVA will require a portfolio)

  • A choice of electives a minimum of 3 (45 hours and 6 ECTS each)
  • Plus optional Spanish language lessons (45 hours and 6 ECTS)

DATES 2017 - 2018

  • Fall semester: September 4th to December 21th
  • Spring semester: January 8th to 30th April

Programme entirely taught in English


The Global and Historic Context of Art and Design

The objective of this course is to relate the different branches of human knowledge: architecture, sociology, history, anthropology and art with the aim of developing a cognitive map of the world we live in.


Advanced  Principles in Design:  Integrating communication, humanities and scientific techniques

This course is centered on the assimilation of procedures that allow understanding of a design language that examines the relationship between necessity and function of objects and the interaction between objects and their environment. The student is also introduced to the semantics of form, colour and materials.


Digital Representation Principles

The capacity of communicating trough images and expressing the relevant aspects of a project, from the idea to the final proposal, is a fundamental aspect of design. This course is aimed at providing students with representation Concepts and techniques that are broadly applied in design fields.


Retail Design / Visual Merchandising

Retail is naturally the showplace for new ideas, new concepts and new products. As such, the store environment serves as the selling stage for the latest merchandise offerings of the day, and a tool of communication used to create a dialogue with the targeted customer. Through effective visual merchandising, the retailer communicates both the attributes of the brand, and the attributes of the products offered.


Design for Packaging

Modern-day packaging needs call for professionals with the power to communicate—both formally and graphically—the attributes of a product.


Typography and Graphic Design

This course focuses on graphic communication with special attention to texts and the written word and their  integration and relationship with images, colours and textures. Projects ranging from artistic and experimental  calligraphy, typography, poster composition, editorials and digital interaction.


Furniture and Product Design

This course focuses on the areas of product and furniture design. Covering the whole process from conceptualisation, formalisation, development and pre-production of a designed object from the human, domestic or work environment.


Food, Design and Health

This course is focused on the interaction of design, as a creative process, with food and health, as fundamental part of human being.