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Academic Excellence Scholarships


The educational project of ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering has always promoted the development of its students by improving their competences in all fields to turn them into professionals capable to answer the new challenges.

True to this methodology, ELISAVA calls the Academic Excellence Scholarships for the Official Degrees given at the School: the Degree in Design and the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design that recognizes and awards the merit of the students. Obtaining this kind of aid covers the 50% of the academic year cost (except the Pompeu Fabra University Taxes and Fees).

Participation Requirements

  • This scholarship is aimed to the Spanish Bachillerato or advanced level specific vocational training students.
  • New access students that have an average score higher than 8.50 points in a Spanish Bachillerato or an advanced level specific vocational training.

Presentation, documentation and deadlines

The application of this scholarship can be carried out until the beggining of June 2018 and you will have to present the following required documentation via email to

  • Application form that can be downloaded at the website
  • Certified photocopy of the academic record with the Bachillerato or advanced level specific vocational training average score
  • Recommendation letter of the Director of the Bachillerato or the specific vocational training centre
  • Handwritten motivation letter (500 words)

Selection process

The Management Council of ELISAVA will evaluate the documentation provided by the candidates. Once the school has evaluated it, it will contact the selected candidates in order to arrange a personal interview with the objective of expanding the information provided. A maximum of 4 scholarships will be given. School will notify the results to each one of the participants via email in mid June 2019.

Access to the Degrees

If the students come from Bachillerato or advanced level specific vocational training studies, the access to the degrees will be carried out through the university pre-registration, so for guaranteeing the places allocation by the Generalitat de Catalunya it is indispensable that the student formalise the pre-registration within the specified period and that he selects ELISAVA as their first choice.

Once the scholarship has been awarded, the student will formalize their registration at ELISAVA within the specified deadline.

Scholarship Renewal. 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students from the 2018-2019 academic year

For renewing the scholarship it is indispensable that the students maintain a high-level performance. Therefore, the established requirements for keeping the scholarship are:

1. Class attendance higher than a 90%
2. To complete the 100 % of ECTS credits of the previous academic year at first call (not to fail any subject)
3. To have an average score at the ELISAVA record higher than 8 points
4. To present a favoured report by the assigned tutor

Annually, the School will notify to the scholarship students the resolution concerning the renewal of their scholarships.