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Master in Creative Process

Basic data


April to July


Barcelona (ELISAVA, Materfad, SPECS. Pompeu Fabra) / Empordà (elBullifoundation. Cala Montjoi, Ceramic School La Bisbal)




From Monday to Friday (Part time)

Who can enroll?

Professionals of any field wishing to push their practice further through developing their creative thinking

Admission requirements

CV + Portfolio + Motivation letter + ID / Passport

Application deadline

To be confirmed

Student selection criteria

Scientific committee + skype interview. Shortly we will give more information about the formats and the criteria for the selection


19.500 € (plus 500€ registration fee).

The programme

The Master in Creative Process by ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and elBulliFoundation is a program that will allow you to learn and acquire creative thinking skills to transform and future-proof your professional practice.

This program, based in creativity and innovation, provides a guarantee of both academic quality and scientific depth, and your creative transformation is assured by a series of immersive, unique creative experiences with leading edge multidisciplinary professionals.

A personalized learning journey about creative thinking process guided by a privileged global network of multidisciplinary mentors and experts, and the opportunity to apply your newly acquired creative thinking skills on your own professional challenge.

Master in Creative Process ELISAVA


The world of today is one of permanent revolution. From the latest developments in technology to complex changes in society and economy, exponential advances and rapid shifts have defined the last years.

Professionals of today need to prepare themselves with new skills that help them understand high uncertainty environments and change. Creativity skills have long been known to help face such challenges. But how to master the creative process?

Creativity as long been regarded somehow as a “talent”: an innate sensitivity you’re either born with it or you’re not. But here in ELISAVA and elBulliFoundation we believe creativity is also a skill, and as any skill, it can be learned and nurtured by anyone.

With this program we aim to put in use our knowledge in creativity, acquired through a long-term research project in collaboration with Ferran Adrià and elBulli, to help you grow your potential so you become the new professional you.


Discover a unique research-backed approach to learning creativity designed to advance your professional practice

Having as a starting point the “Decoding” research project - a collaboration between Elisava Research and elBulliFoundation - ELISAVA has developed a series of methodologies destined to decipher and teach creativity. Backed by a series of tools and methodologies, you will learn the skills and method that will support you in innovating within your professional field.


Go through a series of once-in-a-lifetime experiences in our innovation hubs in Barcelona and Empordà

From cooking at elBulli with Ferrán Adrià to discover the latest advances on neurobotics at SPECS, your learning journey will be supported by a series of unique creative experiences in top-level innovation hubs, where you will be able to experiment with the creative process in a natural, off-office setting.


Navigate through a leading edge network of top professionals who will coach you in your learning journey

Throughout the program you will have a full-time network of mentors, composed of experts on creative process knowledge from ELISAVA Research and elBulliFoundation, whose role is to accompany you through your learning journey, ensure progress and survey your evolution.


Kick-start the new professional you by applying your creative skills into a professional challenge of your own

At the end of the program you will be able to apply your newly acquired skills into a professional challenge of your choice. ELISAVA will guide you to ensure the impact of your idea and will assist you into how to make it happen once the program is finished.



Stimulate your thinking at our different innovation hubs

The program at a glance

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