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Love at Sight

Marta Pujades
Pedro Vicente
Master in Photography and Design

Los amantes se miran a los ojos,
un punto antes de que el amor los vea.

Tomás Segovia

Love at _ sight tries to interpret by portraits how different couples relate to each other through the gaze.

I place them facing each other, one in front of the camera and the other behind the lens. I simply set the camera up and leave it on the tripod, because the couples decide by themselves the moment of take the photo of their partner. As soon as the photo is made the couple swaps places and takes the second picture. I ask all my subjects to fill a psychological test, The love attitudes scale by Hendrick and Hendrick. According to the results, people are classified by how they understand love, these categories are: Eros, Ludus, Storge, Pragma, Mania and Agape.

I use the oval format as a reference of the miniature portraits from the XVI to the XIX centuries. These paintings had a private and personal use and depicted relatives or loved ones, in fact, one of the most popular use was to be a gift between lovers.