Master and Postgraduate by areas

Master and Postgraduate Programmes
  • Space Design and Architecture

    Interior Design, Ephemeral Architecture, Temporary Spaces, Design of Commercial Space: Retail Design, Workspace Design, Set Design, Exterior Design, Ephemeral Spaces, Design and Architecture, Digital Architecture, Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling

  • Graphic Design and Communication

    Branding, Innovation, Advertising Design, Creativity, Communication Strategies, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial Projects, Photography, Image, Packaging, Advertising, Web Projects, Network Applications, Interactive Design, Comic, Illustration, Apps Design

  • Product Design

    Product Design, Product Development, Concept Product, Furniture Design, Digital Modeling, Alternative Jewelry Design

  • Design, Strategy and Management

    Branding, Innovation, Design, Research, Design Thinking, Coolhunting, Trends, Strategies, Management, Entrepreneurship, Retail Design

  • Design for Food

    Design of Bars, Restaurants and Beach bars, Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling, Product Design for the Kitchen and the Table

  • Interaction Design

    Apps Design, Data Intelligence and Design, Design and Internet Web Project Direction, Design of Network Applications and Services, Media Interactive Design for Branding Consumers, Web Project Management and Design