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Fahrenheit Scholarship. Burn your Portfolio 2017

Update: The winner of the Fahrenheit Scholarship 2017 revealed


What is the Fahrenheit Scholarship: Burn your portfolio. Elisava

With the aim to award talent and promote the creativity of young talents, ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering announces the fifth edition of the Fahrenheit Scholarship.


What it consists of:

To create an idea that satisfies the submitted briefing.

The winner of the scholarship may take for free one of the next programmes (each one of these is valued at 8,950 €):

The three courses, directed by Jordi Cano, have a high-level specialized teaching staff that includes renowned professionals and creatives.



The candidates

People of every age, nationality and origin can participate.

Former students that are part of the School’s staff with tome kind of contract or collaboration as a professor are excluded.

Scholarships are granted in a discretional way, according to the received documentation and the development potential of the candidate. Pre-selected candidates may be contacted to make a short interview in person, via telephone or Skype. The participants will have to send a participation form dully filled out together with their proposals on the website


How to participate

1. Description

What a better product than yourself! Sell your skills, talent and passion.


2. Specific objective of the briefing

Express your talent by sending a 1-minute video in which you sell us why it must be you who wins the Fahrenheit Scholarship 2017 and answer the questions:

What do I want to become? Where do I want to live? With whom do you want to work?


3. Piece presentation’s due date

NEW DEADLINE! From Tuesday April 4th to Wednesday April 19th 2017 at 11.59 p.m., Spanish time (UTC +1)


4. Mechanics

- Download the briefing and read it carefully.

- Think about an idea around the referred scenario.

- Execute your idea in the most effective and notorious way possible by recording it in a 1-minute video.

- Send your proposal through the form of our website (the link of the video plus your personal details).

- Wait for the decision of the Jury in April 20th 2017.


5. Characteristics of the delivery

Send the link of your video (uploaded in a video platform, Youtube, Vimeo…) through the form on our website (


On this website ( you must fill the form out with your personal details: name, surname, e-mail and nationality and in the same form there will be a text box to paste the link of your video.


6. Evaluation criteria

The Jury will base their criteria on creativity and innovation relating to the shape and concept of the presented project.


7. Decision and winner announcement

The due date for the presentation of the proposal will close in April 19th 2017 at 11.59 p.m. Any work presented after said date will not be taken into account in the deliberation of the winner.


The Jury will meet to choose the winner. It will be announced in Thursday April 20th 2017 on the web of the course, as well as on ELISAVA’s website and other specialized media.


This Jury is formed by:

Santiago Albert: Manager of ELISAVA.

Marc Aliart: Co-director of the Master in Audiovisual Creativity of ELISAVA.

Rubén Anadón: Creative and Art Director for advertising and fashion. Trained in Engineering, Philosophy and Art Direction.


Legal conditions of the scholarship

1. To obtain the Master's Degree, it's necessary to have a university degree.

2. Under no circumstances can the scholarship be refunded in money.

3. Promotion valid for the year 2017-2018 in any of the three master programmes that start in September 2017.

4. It is essential to take the whole master at ELISAVA. The scholarship will be forfeited if the course is not satisfactorily completed.

5. Winners of this contest must attend at least 90% of the classes.

6. The scholarship holders have to actively participate in all especial and multidisciplinary projects that the School proposes: presentation events, tutorized competitions and workshops.

7. The renunciation of the course taking in the 2017-2018 call will lead to the forfeit of the scholarship.

8. The incompletion of any of the described obligations will mean the forfeit of the scholarship.

9. The period to participate ends Wednesday April 19th 2017 at 11.59 p.m., Spanish time (UTC +1).

10. The expenses of additional teaching activities are not included in the amount of the scholarship.

11. The expenses of the teaching materials for the making of projects are not included in the amount of the scholarship.

12. This promotion cannot be added to other promotions or discounts.


Legal note

The details that the participants give in the attached form on their own accord will be gathered in a database with ownership of ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, named BDGAEESD. We will only use the details to meet the present request and to inform of our activities and courses via e-mail or ordinary mail. In any case, and in any moment, you will be able to consult, access, change, cancel or object to the treatment of your details by going to our offices located at La Rambla 30-32 de Barcelona (AA/TT: Administration Department) or via e-mail to The participation to this competition means the acceptance of these rules.