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Fahrenheit Scholarship. Burn your Porfolio

4th edition of Fahrenheit Scholarship. Burn your Portfolio
NEW DEADLINE: 2016.04.17 - 23:59h Spanish time (UCT +1)

By obtaining this grant, students will be able to study for free the Master in Design and Art Direction or the Master in Advertising Design and Communication from ELISAVA, valued at 8,750 each.

This scholarship, open to people from any age, nationality and origin, rewards talent and stimulates creativity among young talents.


What is the Fahrenheit Scholarship: Burn your portfolio?

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering announces the 4th edition of the Fahrenheit Scholarship: Burn your portfolio, with the aim to reward and stimulate the creativity of young talents.

What does it consist of?

It consists of creating and formalising it so that it fits de briefing. The winner of this scholarship will be able to course for free the Master’s Degree in Design and Art Direction or the Master’s Degree in Advertising Design and Communication, valued at 8,750€ each.

Both courses, led by Jordi Cano, have high level specialized professionals, including world-renowned creative professionals who share the Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Strategies.

More information about ELISAVA Master Degree courses involved in the Fahrenheit Scholarship: Burn Your Portfolio:

4th. Ed. Fahrenheit Scholarship. Elisava (Barcelona)


People of any age, nationality and origin can apply for this scholarship. All former students who are part of the staff of the School with some sort of contract or collaboration as a teacher are excluded.

These grants are awarded on a discretionary basis, based on the documentation received and the potential of development of the candidate. The School will be able to contact the preselected candidates for a brief interview by phone, Skype or in person.

Participants must send the entry form duly completed along with their project.

Characteristics of the proposal

1. Description of product
Is there a better product that the one that sells your skills, your talent and your passion?

2. Specific goals of the briefing
Express your talent in any language you prefer, making an intervention in a physic space between 2,97 x 2,10 meters. Afterwards, record it in a 1-minute video in order to evaluate your piece.

3. Who is it for?
For a professional that you admire and with whom you want to work.

4. Deadline for submission of the projects
From 29th March to 17th April 2016, at 23:59 Spanish time (UCT +1).


The jury will meet to select the winner and on Tuesday 19th April will be reported on the website of the course as well as on the website of ELISAVA and other media.

This jury is formed by:
Santiago Albert: Managing Director of ELISAVA.
Jordi Cano: Director of the Master in Design and Art Direction and Masters in Advertising Design and Communication at ELISAVA.
Marc Aliart: Professor of Audiovisual Concepts of ELISAVA Masters in Communication.
María Jesús Navas Campos: Architect and art director.
Rubén Anadón: Creative and art director for advertising and fashion. Formed in Engineering, Philosophy and Art Direction.


Legal conditions

1. In no case the amount of scholarship money is refundable.
2. Promotion valid for the 2016-2017 course in either master programs that start in September 2016.
3. It is essential to study the entire master in ELISAVA. The grant will also be lost if it is not completed successfully.
4. The minimum attendance is mandatory to 90% of the classes.
5. Grantees must actively participate in all special and multidisciplinary projects proposed by the school: presentation events, tutored competitions and workshops.
6. The waiver of the completion of the course of 2016-2017 will result the loss of the scholarship.
7. The failure to meet any of the obligations described will mean the loss of the scholarship.
8. The deadline to participate ends on Friday April 12, 2016 at 23: 59h Spanish time (UCT +1).
9. The costs of additional educational activities are not included in the amount of the grant.
10. Costs of training materials for the implementation of projects are not included in the amount of the grant.
11. Promotion not combinable with other promotions or discounts.

The participation in this competition implies the acceptance of these rules.