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Arianna Mazzeo

Director of the MasterLAB Service Design Systems

Arianna is a Design Researcher and Social Digital Innovation Professor. She both teaches in Harvard Seas as well as at ELISAVA as Director of the Masterlab in Service Design Systems. Involved in European Innovation Projects since 2000, she is the Head of the International Relations of ELISAVA, also coordinates under the frame of the Open Design Program, the first European Open Design School based on the open culture values, collaboration and co-design with community.

With a PhD in Design Ethnography, she is responsible for the International design research group CAMBIO/Changes, that fosters inclusive leadership impact in design education through design research experimental format and introducing a new learning format in design education. From September 2017, she leads with Ezio Manzini the DESIS Lab ELISAVA and DESIS Network. "Design for City-Making. Collaborative Cities", to explore how cities can play a role in generating or regenerating urban commons.She has worked in Cameroon, Mexico, Turkey, Armenia, and South Africa on social digital innovation programs and local government policy agenda, in order to re-design and re-think design education through new open educational resources (OER) and new learning format, outside the classroom, in the city as the open lab of opportunities for all.

She regularly collaborates with other universities such as Carnagie Mellon, Politecnico di Milano, Parsons School of Design, George Brown College Toronto, Royal College of Art and Sapienza University of Rome, as well with Victoria and Albert Museum, European Social and Economic Committee, EU JCR PolIcy Lab, United Nations, Municipality of Barcelona and Open Design Festival Capetown.

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