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Winners of the 1st edition of the ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards


Eduard Carulla Terricabras, Joan Niubó Moncasí, Fernando Montero Barro and Alan Steinberg Niski, from the Master’s Degree in Product Design and Development, are the winners of the first edition of the ei! Awards Professional Edition with the “Nimble” project. The awards-giving ceremony took place the 24 July in the Sant Agustí Convent within the framework of the Master Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas Graduation Ceremony.

 “Nimble” is a backpack for the brand Alpina designed through a modular fastening system which removes the physical limits of the traditional backpack. This way, the transportation of large-size objects, such as snowboard or skies, is possible. The project was tutored by Núria Coll and Josep Puig and the jury has valued it because it is an innovative solution to the needs of mountain sports and certain professional sectors, such as rescue teams and firefighters.

Apart from the winning project, three second prizes were given to the projects “Verycook”, “Monop gourmet” and “Equal society”.

“Verycook”, by the students of the Master's Degree in Graphic Design Judit Arroyo Bedia and Marco Canepa Raggio, is the identity of a platform for exchanging cooking lessons, in which social relations without economical reward are promoted. The jury has valued it for its close and direct language, in brilliant colours, images far from the cooking topics and puns which link people with ingredients.

The “Monop gourmet” proposal by the student of the Master's Degree in Packaging Design Karine Attar and tutored by Enric Aguilera involves the packaging design of the products of the “monop gourmet” line, which offers Mediterranean dishes. For showing that the products are natural and healthy and for emphasizing their exoticism, the packaging shows images of the main ingredients of the dishes, in front of a clay background. The jury has basically valued the fusion between the Oriental and the Occidental word in the packaging, which provides it with a distinguishing touch.

“Equal society”, by the students Ali Mahmoud, Tatiana Smortrova, Isabelle Whitely and Xiang Li of the Master’s Degree in Retail Space: Retail Design, involves the transformation of one of the shop windows of the Vinçon. The jury has valued the synergy of the concepts of black humour, irony, beauty and darkness. The proposal, tutored by Tito Pérez Mora, is inspired in the novel Animal Farm by George Owell for creating a shop window in there are five pigs with knives around a ham-holder. The proposal was exhibited from the 24 to the 31 March at the Vinçon shop window in Provença Street.

The Public award went to the project “Onde de choc”, by the student of the Master's Degree in Fashion Design Leonor Tarradas, which received 604 votes via Facebook. “Onde de choc” is a dress that intends to represent the eternity, the energy, the hope, the shock and, finally, the memory, as a mark that left those who are not among us.

During the ceremony, the projects nominated for the 2nd edition of the Professional Edition Awards were announced. You can see the candidates in the images gallery attached at the end of the page.